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Who Are We?

Founded in 1952, Gilbert & Company commenced business and built a solid reputation as the main supplier of Electronic and Public address Equipment and Components to Government organizations like Radio Ceylon, Department of Telecommunication, Department of Civil Aviation, and Government stores.

As we look back upon the path we have traveled thus far, we feel the urge to make a fresh start. Over a period of time we started concentrating in the field of mobile entertainment. In an environment of “Mobile-Info entertainment” where people can enjoy sound and information in their cars, we “provide products that provide excitement and satisfaction to our customers”.

We have now diversified into importing and distribution of mobile audio and video systems and accessories as well. Today we are the leading quality mobile audio and video systems and service provider in Sri Lanka representing some of the worlds leading and reputed manufacturers of car audio and video equipment and accessories. We are also in the process of exploring the possibility of being the total in vehicle solution provider in the future.

As the pioneer in Mobile Audio & Video industry, Gilbert & Company with over 60 years of experience in the mobile audio and video sectors is not only one of the biggest service providers in Sri Lanka, but also the sole distributor for some of the popular and reputed brands of mobile audio and video products in Sri Lanka.

This not only makes us proud, but also proves our reliability concerning our quality and service. Parallel to this, our after sales department offers repairs and maintenance, supplies spare parts as well., not last but least we play a leading role with our products for quality, not only for our company but also for most of the leading auto mobile manufacturers agents in Sri Lanka. This image is getting stronger and stronger especially in the industry.

Our Mission

Eight of Sri Lanka’s sole agents of leading car manufacturers in the world have partnered with us for the exclusive supply and installation of state of the art audio and video systems for their brand new vehicles.

  • A quality product – We only represents and provides products from suppliers and manufacturers of very high reliability and reputation in the mobile entertainment and electronic fields from Europe, Asia, and the United States.
  • Expertise- Our engineering division and the staff is highly skilled and well trained in all aspects of installation, maintenance, and customization of a variety of electrical equipment.
  • After Sales Service – Our reputation as the leading after sales service provider has a lot to do with the high standard of professionalism of in our service. We not only deliver outstanding products to the correct specifications, we also ensure that the client’s every need is fulfilled throughout the life of the products.
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Over a period of time we started concentrating in the field of mobile entertainment.

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