Our Profile

Founded in 1952, gilbert and Co. built a sold reputation as suppliers Of electronic components and spare part to large local organizations like Radio Ceylon, Department of Telecommunications, Department of Civil Aviation and Government store.

ver time, we diversified into importing and distributing amplifiers, Horns, speakers, cables, batteries, transformers, electronic test instruments, Soldering equipment and accessories, voltage stabilizers and Inverters from Japan and the UK for Sri Lankan market. Today, we specialize in car audio and video systems as well as piped music, Public address systems, MATV and CCTV systems.

Five of Sri Lanka's largest car dealerships have partnered us for the Supply and installation of state-of-the-art systems for their brand new Vehicles. Here's why :

Quality product

We only accept agencies from companies That deal in reliable, quality product . Our suppliers are all Cutting edge electronic manufacturers from Europe, Asia and The United States.


Our engineering division is skilled and highly – Trained in the installation, maintenance and customization of a Varity of electrical equipment.

After-sales service

Our high-standing in the local market has A lot to do with the professionalism of our service. We not Only deliver outstanding products to the right specifications, we Will also see that the client's every need is fulfilled throughout The life of the product.